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Project Governance

All good communities are built on a set of principles and we believe that successful project governance is no different. We work with organisations to review and put in place achievable and realistic governance which maximises the ability to deliver successful projects.

Project Management

Successful projects are about communication and collaboration. There are so many methodologies, systems, styles and experts out there but we see project management as quite simply a matter of trust and transparency.

CRM Rescue

Almost every person we’ve met who has run a CRM implementation project has said that they were glad they’ve done it and strongly hope that they never have to do it again. At Rescue CRM, we work with you to avoid just such a scenario.

CRM Strategy

CRM takes careful planning and although a business plan never survived first contact with the customers, everyone agrees there must be one. With our breadth of sector and technology experience, we are uniquely positioned to help you build your CRM strategy.


Reports, Excel exports, Power Point presentations. We work with you put the intelligence back into your hands by focussing on the business needs and desired outcomes rather than the fancy-pants “BI” tools just for the sake of using them.


The people using a system are only as good as the information accessible to them when they need it. With expert developers and top quality business analysis, we’ll make sure that the right people receive the right information in the right way at the right time.

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Two sets of fingers trying out some new hardware and software on a touchscreen representing the testing by users.

Top tips for User Acceptance Testing

 Whether it is a new implementation or the upgrade of one of your major systems, anyone who’s been through any kind of implementation or upgrade will tell you just how much of a headache and also how important UAT is to the success of the project from a people as well as technical perspective. UAT […]

A cat with heterochromia (a blue eye and a brown eye) to show the mixing of both Agile and Waterfall methodologies

Wagile – when a combination of Waterfall and Agile works

Wagile is written about on the internet in disparaging way by most agile project management advocates. Waterfall advocates generally don’t write about agile, but that’s beside the point. This brief article is about how, in real life, a combination of agile and waterfall methodologies can work extremely well for an organisation. Project management methodology in […]

A black and white photo of a crowd symbolising a large solution development team.

What to watch for in your daily stand up

As an Agile project manager, I observe the daily standup meetings with the solution development teams to keep in the loop and ensure I’m up to date on progress. One of the many great things about daily standups is that it gives us Project Managers an insight into the group dynamics and we get an opportunity […]

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